Day 5: Witch’r looties

Asso’n as we disturbd the old house of the krazy witch she put her magic on us. She threw us HIGH into the sky, so far we could see the bulges of the oceans, up and up we went and the oceans were then the size of mere pearls! BLUE pearls! Further and further we went, and we went past other colored pearls, and we saw some that had strange… golden rings around them, and others that seem’d made of smoke with lightning inside. The next day we arryv’d back on the beach, all unsure wot happen’d.

I tried to create a planet in 3d, using mainly Clarisse. I started with just a sphere and adding some displacement, then adding an atmos, clouds, and a ring.

The ring proved itself pretty tricky, as I wanted a mix of astroids and more dust. For which I wanted to use a volume. I got some pretty nice stuff, but not exactly where I want it to be yet.

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