Day Three: Au revoir you critters!

You know that feeling of walking on the beach, crabs crushing under your boots? Well… no longer.

I created my own scatter map, or should I say decimate map? Was a puzzle but its nice and interactive yet. Probably with some experimentation I’ll work out some kinks.

Can be any object at this point. For example the last image, a fallen down tree. Can use a scatter system for things around it.

Day Two: The Setup

Arrows flung around us, but we’ve been here before, and are more experienced than our opponents. We position ourselves just out of shot and force them to work for us, in the way we are at a benefit.

I’ve been making some buildings, setting up a project and finding references etc. played with some VDB’s and shaded a few buildings some quick screenshots below.

Day One: The search for a young lady

Today seemed to be a like any other, but out of the blue, storms raged across the oceans and me and me hearties were struggling to stay afloat, but then our mermaid came to rescue us.

This weekend I’ve been getting more into Clarisse 4. It’s a great software that is pretty stable for me, compared to 3. I managed around 5/6 hours of working without crashing, using billions of polygons and many assets and shaders.

Another amazing feature of Clarisse are the shading layers. Its basically assigning shaders/displ based on names(and probably more).

For example: Say I got 100 plants, with a few specific shaders. I dont want to hand place these everytime per object, or when objects get replaced etc. I can just make a rule that says: If the name is “plant0” then apply shader “plant_shd_01”. Now all plants that start with that naming convention (so probably plants 0 to 9) will get shader plant_shd_01 assigned. It saves so much time and is very procedural. Great stuff.

I’ve discovered that the Disney principled shader doesn’t support double sided shaders yet on my geo (it did work on the basic Clarisse geometries), so I had to replace all shaders by the standard shader(Clarisse version of Arnold alSurface).